RICK ROSS’ EPIC FAIL on ‘HOLD ME BACK’ NAIJA VERSION (Exploitation at its best)


It is sad when a man becomes the perpetrator of his own suffering.

The above video by Rick Ross makes it even clearer that the black man has a bit of a long way to go when it comes to understanding and representing ourselves. Although Africans and African-Americans understand two mutually exclusive cultural contexts, there is absolutely no reason why we should play a role in mis-representing or under-representing ourselves as black people. The underlining concept of Rick Ross’ video is something you would expect from the likes of Bono, and westerners who exploit Africans and focus on a negative representation of the continent for so-called noble reasons like the securing of aid money, and trying to put a stop to poverty. How do you put a stop to poverty when you show people as helpless, feeding them (corrupt governments) with aid money which forces the people (government) to be dependent on aid and continuously helpless since no business would venture at any serious dealings with them?

Rick, Lets say I am Nigeria or any African country for that matter, ask yourself this, how is this your video not going to ‘hold me back’?!

Epic Fail #1: The Lyrics, the crying baby, curse words and staged commotion were wrong choices for the visuals on screen.

Epic Fail #2: Where the hell does the whole war thingy originate from and why? Isn’t Biafra over? or is your aim to keep your African-American brothers in perpetual ignorance?

CONSEQUENCE: Fire your creative director, get bloody educated, apologize to Nigerian/Africans for your gross insult to their hard work and progress, or else those paco boys no go take it easy on you if you step foot for Lagos again afta they see seh you don use dem like mumu!

LESSONS: Next time, try watching videos from other Nigerian artist perhaps you will learn what is means to deliver a BALANCED representation of a country and its people. Artist are dealt with a great deal of responsibility and need to understand that there are consequences for their actions. A foreign artist in general cannot afford to show one-side of a nation especially if it is negative.


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  1. Chizara Nwade says:

    This was too hard! I love all these artist!


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