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MediAfritiQ is a West African culture/ art blogazine, exhibiting traditional and modern pop cultural trends from a West African perspective. This is not your typical African culture or fashion blog geared solely toward the afropolitan, MediAfritiQ goes with the Zeitgeist from a progressive West African perspective, allowing you to contribute to the reconstruction. The articles featured are bold, fresh and serve as tools to help unlearn negative West African stereotypes at home and abroad, offering a true look at African culture on a global scale.

This blogazine which started out as the editor’s personal blog was aimed at self discovery and the exploration of an alternative understanding of womanhood and Africanism. The concept of Sankofa reminds all Africans of our essence and the value of our culture as we move into the future. If you ever get lost in this global melting pot, you can always go back to your foundation for wisdom and understanding. MediAfritiQ lives the Sankofa ideology and serves to reconstruct the African narrative through culture.

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Current Contributors

Copy editor: Justin Allen

Make-up: Barbara Onianwah

Fashion: Jennifer Nnamani

Politics: Sally Nnamani

Beauty: Anselyn Wright


The Editor

Written: September 2009

MAQ EIC I was delivered to this world into the armpit of Africa, in a land where the fruits of the soil are indeed bountiful; where the people are the most vibrant; where the languages are musical; where the minds of the youth are one of the brightest in the world; where music is one with the people; where fashion is intricate and colorful; and of course the land where football is almost a religion. You guessed right, I was born in Cameroon, and I consider myself a breed of the best of West Africa since my beautiful mother is Nigerian.

Since my nativity I have walked and wondered many corners of the earth with the purpose of adding meaning to my life, and sometimes just because my parents said “we are moving”. I still haven’t seen and felt half of what I yearn for in life. I count myself blessed to have set my feet on the soil of three continents, experienced great friendships which I will forever cherish,  intellectual stimulants, and adventures that have left indelible footprints on me.

My search for meaning has also led me to what was once a shocking realization, I call it the erasure of quintessential blackness. The mother of the blackest beauty- nature- is West Africa and it pains my soul to see her dragged in the mud and slowly erased. For the mere fact that she cannot be separated from me, my goal is to make her look like what she is at the very least, and what she aspires to be.

I guess this journey is for me to know and for you to find out, so follow me on this progressive re-construction of West Africa through culture


Chichi Mambo

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