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They asked me to describe Ma George, I said its an Andrew Dosunmu film, what do you think? Of course its going to be beautifully shot. Then the trailer came out, and I begged to elaborate.


I’d love to tell you the sensations and emotions that rushed through every fibre of my being during the 120 seconds of this trailer, but I would rather have you watch and feel it for yourself, lest I influence your experience.

I started my elaboration on the film and this is exactly how my rhapsody went “Tantalizing, scintillating, thrilling, exhilarating” these words spewed out loquaciously, and in that order, yet they still did not entirely satisfy the depth of my sensations. “You watch an Andrew Dosunmu film and more than anything, you are reborn, you are alive, this is what happens when an African photographer transfers his vision on film, it is creativity at its peak, a centripetal force draws you fully and completely into the world and inner workings of each character until you become their conscience. Ma George did all that to me in one trailer.”

Screenings: U.S theatrical release – September 13th.

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