D’Banj Concert and Sahara TV Scandal


Bitter Sweet news on the Koko master. Just before his big show tonight, D’Banj had an interview with Sahara TV’s Chika Oduah.  D’Banj, who has been highly criticised by the Nigerian youth for being incommunicado with regards to the government’s fuel subsidy issue that birthed #OccupyNigeria , seemed caught off guard and  highly unprepared for the questions that were thrown at  him.

What resulted, as this painful interview proceeded, was miscommunication of tone behind Chika’s questions and a defensiveness on the artist’s part. D’Banj seemed to want to focus on his stardom, his achievements, his upcoming concert and not on “negativity”.

This interview brings to light one of the problems that faces Nigeria’s entertainment industry, which is its lack of investment in media training for its artists. D’Banj most certainly had a point to  make, he is not unintelligent, however his reaction during to the questions are what Nigerians will term ‘raz’, meaning lacking in sophistication, causing him to look a tad dense and senseless throughout this interview.



One thing is certain though, D’Banj was and is always working hard to entertain his fans worldwide, so if you  missed his concert tonight here are some videos, tweets and a pic to pacify you until later this week.



Whitby tribute @ kokolet convention. D’banj is playing “my love is ur love on harmonica” #Ose #dbanjNYC #thisistoomuchbaba

Tweetpic RT: @Afripopmag: A Kokolet has been summoned to the stage for some bumping and grinding. Yho #dbanjNYC

Oliver Twist finale with 6 women from the audience in stage. African man, oh. #dbanjNYC

 Just met a woman from Jamaica who says “I don’t know what he’s saying but I love it.” #dbanjNYC

His talent is evident, and his respect for greatness came through tonight as he paid respect to Whitney via his harmonica.



You might feel the urge to kick, scream, pinch yourself and cry over spilled milk but don’t be too hard on yourself because this concert was sold out, which means the Koko master will be sure to deliver another performance in the Big Apple soon, just stay tuned.



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