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On Weaves and Wigs

Up until two years ago I really had no interest in weaves or wigs. They looked amazing on all the celebrities and YouTube Beauty/Hair Guru’s with their endless weave tutorials, but all I kept thinking was, “Oh my goodness, I’d feel so damn hot with all that extra hair!” However, like a lot of African women, I am constantly changing my hairstyle and with the help of hair extensions (human or synthetic) I can do so as often I want.

Cornrows, braids or twists were what I always did. These methods are time consuming, but they allowed my scalp to breathe and seemed a bit more secure and longer lasting.

I wasn’t too keen on weaves/wigs for a couple of reasons: I did not think it would be undetectable and was worried that I’d over heat underneath all that hair! However, being a working mom of two boys also mean that I no longer had 6-8 hours to spend on Senegalese twists and needed to find quicker ways to look fab.

Fast forward 2 years and I’ve joined the weave/wig sisterhood.

Initially, the tightness of my scalp and the length of the new hair were the two things I had to get used to. I was also conscious of the wind and the fact that an angry gust could expose the well laid tracks.

I got used to weaves; even in the heat of the Australian summer. Human hair weaves and wigs offer versatility. I like that I can go from long and wavy to a kinky curly afro or a short pixie cut in a space of a few hours.

This is how I see it: if you can choose the clothes you wear every day, why not your hair?

That’s why when I found out about the hand-made custom wigs by owner Ify Jones of weaveonwigs.com (WOW), I was wrapped. Finally, a wig that fits you to a T!

At WOW, you can choose to design your own style or replicate your favourite celebrity hairstyle all made from 100% Remy human hair. The brand caters to, “women who want to wear wigs but also feel like they are wearing a weave…and a wide range of human hair design wigs for your own perfect style.”

What I’ve learned about human hair weaves within these couple of years is that It’s imperative to have quality human hair weave/wigs that match your natural hair texture so it blends seamlessly with your natural hair..

Regardless of whether you are a weave or wig wearer, the fact remains: human hair wigs and weaves are an investment and as such should be taken care of and WOW seems the best place to invest as these wigs are made to order and unique to you and your style.

With luscious locks comes great responsibility. Here are some tips to ensure you keep rocking your human hair weave/wig for years:

- Avoid sulphate shampoos or just buy a wig specific shampoo.

- Detangle hair starting from the ends using a wig brush.

- Have a foam mannequin head to maintain shape

- Do not wring/scrunch or excessively manipulate your wig.

Check out WOW’s website, http://www.weaveonwigs.com for even more expert tips on how to care and wash your new hair.

WOW ships within the U.S and outside (based on country), which is good to know because I think I’m going to be getting in touch real soon.




BlackBetty by Anselyn Wright

Anselyn Wright is a Sierra Leone born, Australia based, writer, make up artist and founder of Black Betty MUA. Contact: +61 430 535 406 Email [email protected]

About BlackBetty by Anselyn Wright

Anselyn Wright is a Sierra Leone born, Australia based, writer, make up artist and founder of Black Betty MUA. Contact: +61 430 535 406 Email [email protected]
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