The African music scene continues to churn out exciting tunes, highlighting the plethora of talent and cultures throughout the continent. Putting Cameroon on the map is Douala’s very own Jovi aka Le Monstre, who recently released the video for his most recent club banger, B.A.S.T.A.R.D, featuring pop singer Reniss.
This is quite possibly the most exciting musical artistry I’ve seen emanate from the African hip hop scene during this year, a great way to start the year. The video was directed by Jovi’s brother Ndukong Bertrand, owner of February 16th,  with the streets of YaoundĂ© and Douala as backdrops.
Jovi is introduced in the role of a motor boy: a popular fixture of the local bus system in most West African cities. It is refreshing to see a video that actually depicts a raw reality of the hustle and bustle lifestyle of an honest man in Cameroon surrounded very little opportunity, a true depiction of a B A S T A R D grand in a B A S T A R D kwat.

“B.A.S.T.A.R.D. mentally teleports you into an African club dance Floor in the near future. A Bantu sound with a subtle electro-techno influence. Futuristic but easily places what could be Cameroon’s Urban Sound right into the worlds stage.� (New Bell Music)
We can’t get enough of Jovi, but then again how can you ? 
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