The concept of sexual equality is highly improbable in most West African nations. This is largely due to religious and pre-modern West African cultures (which by the way are ever evolving and hence stand as an evolution of precedent cultures, which are to some extent esoteric) that condemn homosexuality as unnatural and abominable.

Although it has been scientifically proven that homosexuality is natural expression of human sexuality, a phenomenon not only exclusive to the human specie, there is something powerful about religion and ‘tradition’ that dispels even the most factual and tactile pieces of scientific evidence that stands counter-culture.

Sex is a human need, an appetite so prevalent in some humans that telling someone to suppress or kill this nature becomes a question of life and death, one much like the old Shakespearean quote “to be or not to be…”

Below is a film on the culture of homophobia and the struggle for equality in Cameroon.

P   R   E   S   S     P   L   A   Y 



There are more arrests for homosexuality in Cameroon than any other country in the world. With intimate access to the lives of four young gay Cameroonians, Born This Way steps outside the genre of activist filmmaking and offers a vivid and poetic portrait of day-to-day life in modern Africa. Lyrical imagery, devastating homophobia, the influence of western culture and a hidden-camera courtroom drama mysteriously coalesce into a story of what is possible in the global fight for equality.

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