A, B and C are present in an A and B relationship. A is chasing B, B is chasing A who is chasing C? The issue of the “Accidental side C-hick” will not be your portion in 2014, by Fire! by Fire! by Fire!

Toke explains the case of ‘Mary’ a young lady slowly being dragged into the accidental side chick category.

Take it away Omotoké


Ladies, you are stronger than you think. You are QUEEN, act like it! If there is a red flag in your relationship,do not be afraid to investigate, once you solve the riddle, ACT! It is a riddle, a puzzle not a conundrum so be sure to ACT in a manner befitting of your QUEENHOOD. Take necessary action and WALK. The same goes for men in a pseudo-relationship, don’t be a QUEEN (because you can’t even if you try ;-) ), be a KING about it and take the longest WALK!

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