Akosua Adoma Owusu Launches ‘Save the Rex’ Cinema

Africa Movie Academy Award Winner Celebrates Save the Rex! Cinema Launch
Brilliant Ghanaian filmmaker Akosua Owusu launches yet another spectacular project. We are thrilled to watch her reach her funding needs for ‘Save the Rex Cinema’, and now the party begins, a celebration of a revived creative space in the city of Accra, Ghana.
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Having spent most of the year traveling to film festivals and promoting her short film Kwaku Ananse, award-winning filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu is back in Ghana preparing to celebrate the reviving of the Rex Cinema.
Photo by TJ Letsa
Owusu’s vision was to transform the Rex Cinema in Accra into a creative space where young Ghanaians could receive both encouragement and training for their own creative pursuits. She launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign, with which she raised over $9,000 for the Save the Rex! Initiative.
Now, after a lot of hard work, Akosua Adoma is excited to announce the details for the Rex Cinema’s celebratory re-opening, which is scheduled for this Saturday, 7th December at 6pm and promises to be as inspiring as it will be exciting. Ebo Taylor is scheduled to perform, as are This House is Not For Sale, Nana Asaase, DJ Kobby Graham, and the Nokoyedzen Music and Dance Cultural Troupe.
Freshly Painted Rex Cinema
In addition, the film, Perished Diamonds by Anita Afonu, and Akosua Adoma Owusu’s own Kwaku Ananse, will be screened during the event.
Owusu’s hope is that this event marks the beginning of a resurgence of the Ghanaian creative community, and that the Rex Cinema will be at the heart of it.  
The event is in collaboration with Alliance Francaise, Institut Francais, Republic Bar & Grill, and Accra [dot] Alt.
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REX Cinema for more information.


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  1. rockyatu says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about this wonderful project! I’m so excited about it myself, if only we could all fly to ghana to celebrate. :)


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