Work and no Play makes Kwaku a dull boy; Play with no strategy makes Kwaku a looser. (MAQ)

We decided to start off with the above brilliantly formulated new idiom (;-)), just to give you an idea of the nature of the game you are about to experience. It is a very popular, strategic and abstract West African game called Awalé. This game belongs to the family of Mancala games, created by the Akan people. It has traveled far and wide within and without the African continent, in short, wherever indigenous West Africans went, Awalé was sure to follow.


Today Awalé can be found in (but not limited to) the following regions, by the following names:

Awalé (Ivory Coast),Ayò (Yoruba), Wari (Mali), Ouri, Ouril or Uril (Capo Verde), Warri(Caribbean), Adji (Ewe, Ghana), Nchọ (Igbo, Nigeria) and Awélé (Ga, Ghana). A commonly known “English” is Awari.

E X P E R I E N C E  A W A L É

No matter how challenging this game might be to some, it is reputed to be quite enjoyable game.

Learn more about how to play Awalé HERE

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