Finally, Nollywood fanatics can view their favorite films on Time Warner Cable, Cox, Xfinity on demand and other partners and affiliate cable television networks.  This partnership deal with  Brandcast Media, Inc. came into effect on February 1st, 2013, a brilliant move on both parties, as the U.S. cable networks diversify their viewership and Nollywood becomes a more staple film industry in the west, this promises to be a door way for lucrative opportunities.

Viewers can now watch Nollywood blockbusters such as The Game, Unwanted Guest and one of the most thrilling coming of age dramas, Tobi.

Tobi, an Emmanuel Ijeh film, 

explores the consequences of what happens when 21-year-old Tobi (Mark Williams) bows to the dark side of gang pressure. In a flash, a seemingly morally upright young man gets caught in a web of violence, guns, bloodshed, drugs, parental expectations and conflicting voices in his head. Interestingly, the bond of brotherhood also stretches the thematic window of choices and sacrifice.  


Beyond just love and gang-banging, the honesty and intensity of this story is seldom explored in most Nollywood films. Although coming of age films flock the markets, Mr. Ijeh brings out a particularly compelling POV, one which explores the inner moral conflictions of the characters as they are forced to live within the societal norms of a foreign culture. A terrain, New York City,  which could yield highly perilous outcomes for what society would term a rebellious teenager.

You can watch Tobi now on demand right HERE on Time Warner Cable.

Enjoy, and do leave your comments below

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