January 28, 2013- Al Qaeda-linked Malian jihadists, retreating from french and Malian troops, reportedly set fire to the Ahmed Baba library in Timbuktu.

If you are African, or West African for that matter, you understand the value of the Timbuktu library. Many have referred to Africa as a dark continent, void of any written history, the ancient manuscripts housed in the Ahmed Baba Library remain a testament to the falsity of that notion.

Although possessed with an extremist islamic mindset, the idea that people will so much as think of destroying their own history, is unfathomable and in itself sacrilegious. This library houses valuable century old manuscripts consisting of all manners of thought, philosophies,  letters and a plethora of African cultural heritage. It is difficult to make sense of the idea that people will burn their own legacy.


Fortunately, According to Mali’s presidential aide on Islamic affairs, Mahmoud Zouber, “The documents which had been there are safe, they were not burned…They were put in a very safe place.” Time


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