China’s Presence in Africa

Written by Onyedikachi Achilike


As China’s economy continues to boom, so does it’s economic and trade relations with African nations. In recent years, China has surpassed the U.S to become Africa’s largest trading partner. It is attracted to Africa’s natural and mineral resources, and Africa needs investors who are willing to bridge the infrastructural gap pertinent for economic growth; China has money to do so. For the past decade Chinese companies have been active in procuring investment deals, building roads, railways, electric power systems, and other amenities throughout the continent.

A Few days ago, Chinese carmaker Futian Automobile announced plans to build a $500 million utility vehicle assembly plant in Cameroon for the six nation central African regional market. These resources for infrastructure relationship deals are present throughout the continent.

With seemingly perfect unions comes downsides; Chinese negotiations with corrupt African leaders, and environmental pollution are amongst the most highlighted issues western analysts have expressed. Yes, these are concerns that should be addressed, but American and European colonialism left worse environmental damage and perverse corruption, so it doesn’t seem fair to point fingers at just one nation. China is currently doing more in Africa than the West collectively did in decades, and the development is much welcomed.

In hindsight, this Africa-China partnership seems to be a productive and fair business understanding on both ends. It is ultimately up to African leaders to put the Continent on the Economic forefront of the globe and time will tell whether this plays out for better or worse.

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