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Adedeji Adeleke (Davido’s dad) Builds Mega Church Building in Lagos


So Davido’s Dad is H’Adventist?! (in Yoruba accent)   Hm! I guess Davido wasn’t bluffing when he sang the words “emi omo baba olowo”. Billionaire businessman Mr. Adedeji Adeleke a.k.a baller/ shot caller, and generous Seventh Day Adventist man, recently built a … Continue reading

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Abuja, Nigeria

Security Uncertainty in Nigeria is a Barrier to Economic Growth and Political Stability   By Sally Nnamani   Three years after the terrorist group, Boko Haram surfaced, the Nigerian government has yet to adopt a coherent strategy to counter the … Continue reading

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Government Bilingual Primary School Chic :-)

Stephanie Glenn

SPOTTED LOOKING SCHOOL GIRL-FAB   Imagine if those Students at Government Primary Schools in Cameroon were given the means and go- ahead to upgrade their school uniform? Now we know exactly how fabulous it would look like.  Stephanie Glenn was … Continue reading

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Boko Haram: 35 More Members Killed in Deadly Crack Down


WIND DON DEH BLOW FOR BOKO HARAM CAMP Seems like the Nigerian police and Army force are becoming even more organised and effective.  They succeeded in killing Boko Haram’s spokesman Abu Qaqa (an alias name) on Monday, 17th of September, … Continue reading

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MORE THAN A MAN AND A BABY IN THE CARRIAGE Back to the twitter-sphere again, only this time, the conversation materialized in a physical space yesterday, 22nd September 2012 at the Federal Plaza hotel in Nigeria. We needed to bring this conversation to the M A … Continue reading

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