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I can only imagine what you are thinking, ‘why kinyarwanda? how is that West African?’ I was inspired to create the linguistiQ section of MAQ by one of my biggest inspirations, Ngugi wa thiong’o, a Kenyan writer. If you don’t know him please do some research on his work with African languages, and do take some time out to read Decolonizing the mind. This linguistiQ section of MAQ is definitely all-inclusive. All African languages are welcome and will be highlighted upon request.

Kinyarwanda is an East African language, particularly from Rwanda. I fell in love with just saying the word Kinyarwanda, I can say it a million times over, it feels like every syllable takes its time to roll off my tongue.

MAQ was very fortunate to meet with the beautiful Daryl Bushayija, who was willing and eager to share and keep Kinyarwanda alive. She tells us a story of a Squirrel and a Porcupine in very traditional and untarnished Kinyarwanda. Enjoy!

Rwanda is an extremely beautiful nation and has progressed so beautifully in the areas of infrastructural development, education, and information technology amongst others. This nation is a prime example of what honesty, citizenship and excellent leadership can do for a for its people. I pray Rwanda continues to be blessed with strong leaders like Paul Kagame. At this juncture, I urge you to ERASE any stereotype of Rwanda being poor and destitute today post genocide, if at all you are in that state of mind.

Thank you for doing just that, so on a lighter note, before you plan your next trip to Rwanda, or if you plan on settling down with that tall dark and handsome Rwandese man of yours, here is some basic Kinyarwanda you can use to leave a lasting impression:

Greetings English Kinyarwanda Pronunciation
Good Morning Mwaramutse Mwah-rah-moot-say
Good Afternoon/Evening Mwiriwe Mwee-ree-way
How are you? Amakuru? Ah-mah-koo-roo?
I am fine. Ni meza. Nee-may-za
What is your name? Witwande? Weet-kwan-day?
My name is _______ Nitwa ______ Neet-kwa _____
How old are you? Ufite imyaka ingahe? oo-feet-ay im-yah-ka ing-gah-hey?
I am ____ years old. Mfite imyaka _______ Mfeet-ay im-yah-ka ______

For more basic Kinyarwanda click here

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5 Responses to KINYARWANDA

  1. thelma says:

    My dalaloul, ravisante ma tante cherie!

    • mediafritiq says:

      Welcome to the MAQ community Thelmius! Yes she is….and a story well told :-)

  2. MissT1806 says:

    My boyfriend is from Burundi (I know its not Rwanda) but I often tease him that both countries should just blend together! Maybe your next feature can be on Kirundi – very similar to Kiyarwanda but there are small differences

    • mediafritiq says:

      By all means miss T, we would love to do something on Kirundi. He can leave us a message on how his schedule looks like. I’m glad you both enjoyed her story!

  3. mediafritiq says:

    Thanks Fabiane! keep sharing…