Chichi The Happy Vegan

Good morning people, its a beautiful Saturday morning, or weekday whatever it is and you want to start your day on a good foot. This is how you do it you wake up, meditate or pray, work out like your on your way to a photo shoot and most importantly EAT A HEARTY BREAKFAST. This is a guaranteed way to start the morning like a champion, or with what my sweetheart would call ‘a conqueror’s mentality’.

Many West Africans and Africans in general believe that our breakfast is for the most part a bit heavy and at times unhealthy since we love our fried foods, carbohydrate filled left overs from the previous night or baguette with chocolate, butter, hot chocolate and a hard boiled egg, etcetera.

I convinced myself, and grabbed my identical twin cousin and sister *by cultural etiquette* to come up with a quick and hearty breakfast. Which means absolutely nothing fried and nothing too creamy, very satisfying, and super delicious.

Disclaimer: We woke up at 6:00am to put this together just for our favorite MediAfritiQans so excuse the no make up, questionable outfits, and enjoy the knowledge, craziness and all the love.


If you enjoyed this and would like more of such cooking videos please let us know under the comment section below.

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