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Quick story…

While in transit from Pittsburgh to New York, I got a call about conducting an interview for a young designer and after reviewing her profile, I couldn’t pass it up. Thanks to Terry’s very pregnant and persistent marketing manager, who graciously posed as my PA/Camera operator, we were able to execute and bring home this impromptu video clip, just for you.

M.A.Q caught up with up and coming Liberian American designer Terry Jolo for what we’d like to call a fun and brief Chich-Chat. Although her life story has been tumultuous, and English is not her first language, she is a great communicator, with a vibrant personality and an admirable work ethic. Terry set up ambitious goals, worked towards each goal and continuously achieves her dreams. When we heard she had a perfume, jewelry and clothing line set to launch in a few months, we had to be the first to break the news. The city of Pittsburgh is not renowned for its fashion scenery, much less African fashion, hence Terry has a lot of pressure on her to deliver good pieces and represent Afrochicness in the best light. I decided to pick her brain a little and expose aspiring young designers, and entrepreneurs to the business of fashion design through the eyes of an ambitious and driven young designer.


By Terry Jolo



Designer BIO

Terry Jolo was born in Monrovia the capital city of Liberia, which is a small West African country. Soon after she was born, a civil war broke out in Liberia, which forced her and her family to flee to the nearby country Sierra Leone, they spent a year in Sierra Leone. As the war spread they were forced once again to uproot and migrate on foot to another nearby country, Guinea and settled in the village of Zalicoli. While living in Zalicoli Terry and her family spent several summers in Ivory Coast, visiting her grandmother. After spending a total of four years in Zalicoli, they moved once again this time to the capital city of Guinea; Conakry. This provided Terry and her siblings a chance for a better education as well as the opportunity to establish connections to pursue the family’s dream of coming to the United States. This dream came to fruition after 11 years when the family was granted asylum and immigrated to the United States in 2002. Upon arriving they settled in the Pittsburgh. Terry attended and graduated from Baldwin High School. After graduating high school she competed in the Fashion for the Future competition and was awarded second place, which earned her a $5,000 scholarship. Terry started her college education at CCAC studying international business. Then she transferred to the Art institute of Pittsburgh in 2010 to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. Now with only six months remaining until graduation she is pursuing her dream of becoming a multifaceted designer and owning her own clothing line.

Written by Terry.

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