Oscar De La Renta Live Pining Bridal Show

Oscar De La Renta Live Pining Bridal Show

Contributor: Barbara Onianwah

Oscar de la Renta (Photo: Irving Penn)

Oscar De La Renta is one of the first perfumes I was ever introduced to and even though I cant remember the name of the specific perfume, the name of the brand has stuck in my head from my childhood.

Today, the social media world has been set on edge by this very social media savvy brand via its live-pining event on Pinterest (this is an online pin-board where people pin pictures and videos of what they love and what interests them)

Please read what Alex Bolen, CEO of Oscar de La Renta has to say about the live bridal show pining event on Mashable.com:

 “Pinterest has got a lot of momentum right now, and we want to be involved with people [and platforms] who have momentum,”

 But that’s not the goal, he added. “As with all of the experiments we try here, we want people to spend time paying attention to us, not our competitors.”


Click: Pinterest Oscar de la Renta

Being sort of a Social media connoisseur but tilting towards the makeup and beauty social media tools, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised and excited by this. As for people paying attention to the brand, they most certainly have our full today.

Kudos to Oscar de la Renta!!!!

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