Ghosts of Chipolopolos- Zambia Wins CAN2012

Zambian Victory

The underdog

will rise!


If you are West African you know it is almost impossible to be unaware or unperturbed by any football game on television, so it comes as no surprise that the African Nation’s Cup took up a significant amount of viewership in Africa, Europe and other football loving continents  from January until last Sunday. The African Cup of Nations this year- CAN2012- was hosted primarily by Equatorial Guinea, but this Sunday’s finals took place in Libreville Gabon. Almost everything about CAN2012 has been serendipitous, and monumental.

The surprises started of from the shocking fact that only a select few of the biggest names in African football made it to the tournament, to the point where one of the underdogs, Zambia, came up to reclaim the spot which fate stole from them about 20 years back. Call it luck or the inevitable fulfillment of destiny, but Zambia a.k.a. ‘The chipolopolos’ or ‘The Copper Bullets’ played excellently well, beating all competing teams including Ghana, and qualifying for the finals. The final game took the chipolopolos to the grounds where one of the best Zambian teams died in a plane crash back in 1993, Gabon.

In order to pay their respect, the first order of business after landing in Gabon was heading to the coast of the Atlantic ocean where their former team died in a plane crash on their way to play the CAN93 finals.

Paying tribute to the fallen heroes


Tribute to Fallen Heroes

For some reason the Ivory Coast team didn’t understand how crucial it was to bring their A game, because the The Copper Bullets were not alone, they played alongside the spirits of their fallen heroes who rose to see their team through.

What was bitter-sweet however was the look on Drogba’s face when he let that last penalty slip, classic. The gross disappointment on his face should explain why everyone’s calling this period of the game the time when “Drogba’s ghosts came out to hunt him”.


 Feel free to put the video on replay.



Drogba’s Ghosts

It was a tough game 0-0, but the penalties brought the score up to 8-7 with The Chipolopolos emerging as the winners of CAN2012. Almost every stage and every game in this tournament was unexpected, this was truly a phenomenal African Nations Cup.

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