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Toriola by Tori Famuyiwa Designer Spotlight                                                                                                      Contributor:  Jennifer Nnamani       Tori at Work I first met Tori during the 2nd annual Africa Fashion Week in New York City. He was the Executive Stylist for the inspiring production composed … Continue reading

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Music Choice 2011


MediAfritiQ’s Music Choice 2011 No our Tu baba is not on this list but if this were 2010 his hit Just me will be number one. We will be presenting our favourite music videos of the year, and you have  the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Pleasure Eating

Pleasure Eating in Brooklyn.   Somewhere in the heart of Brooklyn lies a hidden menu filled with foods that levitate your    senses upon immediate encounter. This menu belongs to Jollof, yes a restaurant called Jollof, home to some of the most … Continue reading

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Fatou’s Style

Fatou Wurie Contributor: Anselyn Wright To look at a photo of Fatou Wurie is to be captivated then completely blown away by her genuine African beauty. She flaunts, and rightfully so, the features most attribute to African women: big lips, … Continue reading

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Get to know- Kunle Afolayan

One of the Nollywood names you must remember this year, one of MediAfritiQ’s favorite director, Kunle Afolayan has wowed Nollywood film fanatics the world over with his film the figurine, and continues to keep us glued to the big screen with his … Continue reading

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