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Colorful makeup

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Colorful, bold makeup is a staple look which is worn either day or night regardless of the occasion. It takes a dexterity with colors and a certain skill but with simple and easy to understand steps, anyone can achieve a beautiful, colorful eye makeup.


Colorful Makeup


Step 1: Prime the eyes: This is done using eye primer or eyeshadow base. These prevent the eye makeup from creasing, helps the eyeshadow color pop and also provides a surface for the bright and sometimes hard to see colors (especially on dark African skin) to stick to thus revealing their true beauty.

Step 2: Apply your colors: When attempting to achieve a bright colorful look, precision and a lot of patience is key. Divide your eyelid into 2,3 or even 4 sections and using a flat eyeshadow brush apply all the desired colors side by side. In this type of look, the colors are rarely ever extended above the crease but are situated on the eyelid (which is also called the mobile lid). These colors are usually matched to the outfit being worn by the bride on this day.

Step 3: Blend: Use a crease brush and a neutral color to blend the edges of the shadows to avoid them having any sharp edges.

Step 4: Apply crease color: Using a crease brush, apply a dark fun color to the crease of the eye making sure to fade it out towards the inner crease area. Apply a gold toned powder as browbone highlighter.

Step 5: Apply blush: Be sure to use a very pigmented blush and apply just along the cheek bones fading out to the side of the face as you go along.

Step 6: Apply lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss: Line the lips with a wine lip liner and blend out with a lip brush. (be sure to blend only within the edges of the lips. The inside lip area should remain bare.) Proceed to apply a light colored lipstick or gloss to the inside lip area. Apply clear gloss to the entire lip making sure to blend both colors at the edges.

And now you have your colorful engagement makeup.

Remember though that the gele or head tie is an integral part of the look. Don’t leave home without tying it in an exotic way.

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