A Splash of Color

A splash of color

Contributor: Barbara Onianwah


Africa though referred to as the Dark Continent; is one of the most colourful continents. Welcome to a new perspective, Africa- the Bright continent!

We have masquerades, festivals; breathtaking landscapes and of course diverse people of all shades. These are all a permutation of colour. Over the centuries, from the time of our ancestors till now, Africans have not lost their love for colour and no matter how modern we get (in our minds), our love of colour still shines through. From the colorful beauty pageants of the Wodaabe people, to traditional wedding make up of Nigerian women, what remains outstanding our constant splash of color.

This love of colour has travelled down from our environment to our clothes, our style and even our makeup.

Check out the following pictures

Beauty Pageant for Woodabe men of Niger

Photo by Rosemary Sheel @rosemarysheel.com

Nigerian traditional weddings


 Nights on the town


Colours have become a way of life for us and everything we do. We love life and we embrace colour.

If this does not speak of the color and brightness that Africa consists of, I don’t know does. Stay tuned for the next article on how to apply a full blown rainbow colored eye shadow.

Photo credits – BMPro, Barbara & 1923, Rosemary Sheel, Anselyn Motcho

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